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Baby and Toddler Yoga Workshops!

Mon 19th August Toddler Yoga 10-11

Tues 20th August Baby Yoga 1.30-2.30


We Are Wellness, Headingley

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baby, toddler, children's yoga

Diddly Oms offers a range of yoga courses from postnatal yoga, baby yoga and toddler yoga right through to children's yoga. Our approach is centred around you and your little one's well-being.

We are there to support you and your child on a journey from birth right up until their teenage years. Learning and practicing yoga together.

We focus on you, as well as your child. Because we care.

We know how magical having a child is. We also know how hard it is. That is why we are there with you every step of the way, to support you and to share in the special moments and teach you both the joy that is yoga and the benefits it can bring. From those precious first months, to toddler, to little person!

We know you will put your little one first, and so will we… but we don’t lose sight of your well-being. We believe a happy parent is key to a happy child. Our baby and mother classes are focused on both parent and child, carefully adapted to nurture each stage of your journey together.

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