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Stretch with Stories is suitable from 12 weeks old right up until your little one is ready for school, with grown ups taking part alongside. This class is a beautiful and fun way to introduce your baby or child to yoga and become aware of moving their bodies and discovering what they are really capable of.  

As with all forms of Yoga offered by Diddly Oms there is no need for any previous experience or Yoga knowledge. Just come along and start learning together! Equipping your child with the skills taught in this class can benefit them for life!

Classes are offered as a drop in or with a flexi pass on offering for 5 weeks to be used in a 6 weeks period. See our Timetable page for term dates.

stretch with stories

12 weeks - 4 years

Stretch with Stories is the perfect introduction for your child to yoga. Every week a different story is used to capture their imaginations and allow them to start to stretch with simple yoga postures. This mixed age class lets your little one move and develop at their own pace whilst joining together as a group. Stretches are demonstrated with different levels allowing babies and children to do their own version of a posture suitable for their skills and abilities. 

Each book is told using songs, stretches, nursery rhymes and yoga postures to work on building strength, increasing flexibility, introducing balance work and keeping your little ones moving in a uniquely energetic yet calming environment. 

At this age the concept of relaxation is often lost as babies and toddlers don't want to stay still or be quiet! But alongside movement and active engagement this class gently introduces the idea of breath work and down time. This might be something that they simply observe to begin with but the more they are exposed to it, the more natural it will be to them.

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