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Family Yoga is aimed from age 3 up to 11 years old although younger and older siblings are encouraged to come along and take part as well. This is an inter-generational class, aiming to bring the whole family together young and old, be it mums and dads or grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. All are welcome!


Breathing techniques and mindfulness are taught within this class using using relaxation and guided imagery alongside all physical aspects. 

As with with all forms of Yoga offered by Diddly Oms there is no need for any previous experience or Yoga knowledge. Just come along and start learning!

Classes are offered monthly on a Saturday morning. See our events for details of the next session.

Tickets are £10 per family for up to 5 people.

family yoga

3 - 11 years

Family yoga is a wonderful opportunity to come together in a unique atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Providing the tools to learn postures, meditation and relaxation, it is a fantastic bonding experience and gives the whole family the skills to bring yoga into their lives.


Each class is centered around a theme bringing postures to life but allowing for safe practice in a fun environment. 

Beginning with a powerful opening mandala sequence, aspects of acro and partner yoga are introduced to build a strong core of trust and bonding. Yoga games are interwoven into the session to work on concentration and skills followed by meditation and relaxation. Where else can you embrace your fun side, laugh, learn and then relax together as a family?

Yoga helps promote a healthy lifestyle; bending and stretching the body, building strength, concentration and focus as well as developing the mind. It teaches techniques to calm and relax as well as build confidence. In family classes you can all benefit from these aspects together, helping create stronger relationships as well as better overall health for everyone.

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