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helen terry, founder
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In 2015 I was blessed to have my first baby, a little girl, who threw me into the wonderful and chaotic world of motherhood. She turned my world upside down and brought me more happiness than I could ever have imagined. Just over a year and a half later my son added to my little family. The joy that these two tiny people have given me has been amazing and they have introduced me to the whole new world that comes with being a parent.

Like many mums, my children have made me re-evaluate what was important to me and gave me the confidence to really follow my dreams. As a keen Yoga practitioner I've explored baby yoga and kid's yoga alongside my own practice and have found the experiences to be some of the most fulfilling in our early years together. This has inspired me to formally train and share some of the precious times I have had with my children, with others, whilst also helping your little ones develop and to (hopefully!) help you relax too.


Since I launched Diddly Oms in 2018, I'm so proud that my mother and baby classes have been attended by so many parents in Leeds already and I hope you and your little ones can benefit from joining me too.


my training

Being a parent is an amazing experience, but it can also be a difficult and exhausting time where your life is often put on hold to focus on the diddly person filling every waking moment. 

Throughout the many parent and child classes that exist there is often little focus on the parent and all on the child. Diddly Oms believe that both of you can benefit through yoga together.

We have set out to create a series of post-natal, baby, toddler and children's yoga classes that will simultaneously deliver:

  • Physical and mental development for your little one

  • Precious bonding time between parent and child

  • Relaxation, recuperation and wellbeing for both

Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 1 Instructor


Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 2 Diploma 


Birthlight Toddler Yoga Instructor


Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor


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