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Girl in Forward Fold

Children's Yoga starts from when your little one begins school and can be continued right up until high school. As children begin school their lives change, bringing with it greater independence, confidence and more of their own identity. At Diddly Oms we feel this is the stage where they are ready to step out on their own and embrace yoga more independently, practicing for the first time with their peers and not with parents. 

As with all forms of Yoga offered by Diddly Oms there is no need for any previous experience or Yoga knowledge. Just come along and start learning!


Learning the skills to relax and have down time is also a fantastic part of this class. Breathing techniques and mindfulness are taught using using relaxation and guided imagery every week. 

Classes are offered on a rolling half-term or term-by-term basis. See our Timetable page for term dates.

children's yoga

4 - 11 years

Children's yoga allows your little one to embrace their fun side, learn to believe in themselves and believe in their abilities. As they grow, many become more aware of their bodies, more self conscious and can sometimes lose that sense of letting go. Yoga teaches skills to be able to calm the mind, introduces meditation and gives space to really switch off.


Classes are focused on a range of postures to build strength, increase flexibility, refine balance and work on confidence, done so through storytelling, games, dance and music. Aspects of acro-yoga and balance are also combined to create an energetic yet calming environment helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.​ They can also help battle obesity and promote better overall health for your child.

At this age the concept of calm and relaxation can also seem quite daunting to some. Equipping your child with these skills can help the brain develop and give the basis for a solid foundation for life.

Concentration increases as children develop meaning postures can be held for longer and more technical terminology can be used. Kids yoga really begins to bridge the gap to adult classes, creating real mini yogis but still focusing on a core of fun, games, music and imagination!

Children in Yoga Class
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