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Toddler Yoga starts from when your little one is cruising or walking and can be continued right up until starting school.

As with all forms of Yoga offered by Diddly Oms there is no need for any previous experience or Yoga knowledge from parent or child. Just come along and start learning!


Emphasis is placed on bonding with parent and child pairs, concentrating primarily on the child but still integrating moves and time for the parent. 


Learning the skills to relax together and have down time as a parent and child is also a fantastic part of this class.

Classes are offered on a rolling half-term or term-by-term basis. See our Timetable page for term dates.

toddler yoga

cruising/walking to 4 years

Toddlers are bounding balls full of life and energy, eager to learn, explore and enjoy every day. Toddler Yoga brings parents and children together to exercise and have fun, harnessing their energy and using it to build on strength, flexibility and coordination running in parallel with relaxation and down time.

The life of a toddler is often so busy and exciting that the concept of calm and relaxation can seem quite daunting to some. Equipping your diddly one with these skills can help the brain develop and give the basis for a solid foundation for life.

Growing into a toddler brings with it the opportunity to run, jump, climb, throw, catch and really physically use the body. Their flexibility is often amazing to an adult and so working with this physical development and wellbeing brings fantastic opportunities for this age. Language and listening skills are also stimulated in classes through the use of story telling, singing and rhymes, bringing together parents and children for a wonderfully unique bonding experience.

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