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All classes are safe for mothers immediately following birth and also following a cesarean section after postnatal sign off from your GP. 


Postures and sequences are demonstrated to involve your diddly one in the class as we understand time on your own is generally a rare commodity at this stage, although the focus is firmly on the wellbeing of the mother.


Classes aim to help you safely re-integrate into mainstream yoga classes. This class will start 2019. Please see Timetable page for further details.

postnatal yoga

To carry and give birth to a baby is an amazing feat of nature, with a recovery process to match in which nurture and care of the body is a vital part. Gentle and safe practice of yoga can aid in recuperation and the many challenges that the changing body may face.

Classes are based on a series of standard yoga poses which are carefully adapted for the postnatal period with individual needs considered for each mother to ensure the right care and attention are achieved.

Through an understanding of postnatal recovery, core strength is developed, back and neck pain is addressed, body tension reduced and abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are tightened.

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical in this process. The mind needs the same nurture that the body is given. As with all yoga, relaxation is a key component. This is particularly vital in this stage of motherhood as the imbalance of hormones post-pregnancy can be very difficult to deal with. Yoga aims to restore balance within the body and with the promotion of relaxation and breath awareness a sense of calm and alignment can be achieved.   

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