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baby yoga explorers

crawling to 18 months

When your diddly one starts to get more curious and finds their feet (and hands, knees and bums!), Baby Yoga Explorers is perfect for them. 

The focus is on baby and parent pairs, interacting and learning to work together and further strengthen the bonds that exist between both.


As with Baby Yoga, a great relationship of trust is established allowing the baby to explore and go on an adventurous journey into independence. This further works on creating emotional security and a solid foundation deep into adult life.

Physical development moves into the realms of cruising, walking and climbing and the exciting world that is open to them with these milestones. Flexibility is further maintained and increased in the spine and joints, blood flow is enhanced and the digestive system improved.

The use of props is introduced to keep those little explorers intrigued and full of wonder as coordination really starts to become key.

Methods of communication become more recognisable to us as adults around this age and so development here is an important factor within this class. A baby progressing into a child soaks up new experiences like a sponge and by reacting to this we can really help your diddly one blossom.

Every child develops at their own pace and so this class is for when they are on the move by crawling, commando crawling bum shuffling, or any other imaginative way your baby finds to move themselves around! Classes are continued up to around 18 months when your diddly one really starts to become a fully fledged toddler.


No previous Baby Yoga experience is needed, just an excitement to learn new things.

Techniques are taught for parent and explorer to learn to relax together and spend precious moments bonding.

Classes are offered on a rolling half-term or term-by-term basis. See our Timetable page for term dates.

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