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Kids in Preschool


Yoga for children is as natural for children as running and jumping. Stretching and balancing through imitating nature is the most natural and intrinsic way for children to explore their bodies and their world. The earlier you can learn the skills of yoga the better as the benefits it brings are vast.

use books

For each class I create an adventure or journey through storytelling, games and singing to build in the yoga postures and stretches, allowing the children to play and use their imaginations as they go. A similar structure is used each time to create consistency and sequences including a warm up, main yoga session and wind down to relaxation through a story or music. I use different themes each time and am happy to work these around a book or event that is a focus for the children.

Classes range from baby to pre-school

sessions last 30 minutes on weekly or monthly basis

get in touch for a package that works for your nursery


work with individual classes or smaller groups and SEN CO

Themes or books

work on reducing stress, anger management, relaxation, mindfulness, anxiety reduction or depression control, concentration

Regular basis, lunchtime or after-school clubs, assemblies, workshops, wellbeing and health weeks


Each class is centered around a theme bringing postures to life but allowing for safe practice in a fun environment. 

Beginning with a powerful opening mandala sequence, aspects of acro and partner yoga are introduced to build a strong core of trust and bonding. Yoga games are interwoven into the session to work on concentration and skills followed by meditation and relaxation. Where else can you embrace your fun side, laugh, learn and then relax together as a family?

Yoga helps promote a healthy lifestyle; bending and stretching the body, building strength, concentration and focus as well as developing the mind. It teaches techniques to calm and relax as well as build confidence. In family classes you can all benefit from these aspects together, helping create stronger relationships as well as better overall health for everyone.

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